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Changing the Filter in the Air Conditioning The Concept of Safe and Healthy Housing

Aircon Servicing

We provide ad hoc aircon servicing for both residential and commercial spaces.

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Aircon Chemical Services

Chemical detergents designed to repair and restore air-conditioners to optimum performance are used to remove stubborn dirt, oil and dirt trapped in air-conditioning systems.

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We provide the best recommendations from our expert consultants and technicians to ensure that we are able to accommodate to your needs for all different types of spaces. Find out more today!


Maintenance Servicing

Farmosa provides contract servicing for residential and commercial spaces.


Aircon Gas Top Up

When refilling with refrigerant gas, the refrigerant reservoir is refilled with a chemical coolant suitable for the air-conditioning system to keep the room cool.

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Second Hand Aircons

For those with budget constraint, you may consider purchasing a second-hand air-conditioning unit and system at lower cost, providing the same quality.


Aircon Not Cold

When the air blown is not cold, there are many factors such as clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils or broken compressors. There are many reasons that can cause aircons to stop being cold, find out more today!


Aircon Leaking Water

Farmosa is here to assist you to solve your aircon water leakage issues with our professional technicians. 

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Air Grille Cleaning Servicing

Regular cleaning of your air grilles will prevent stubborn mould build-up and will allow cleaner air to be filtered, creating a comfortable space for you.

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Aircon Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a natural and effective way to remove stubborn dirt and stains. Removing 99.9% of household bacteria  as well as house dust mites and surface mould.

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Aircon Installation

From outdoor condenser units to indoor fan coil units, we provide the best recommendations and comprehensive guides for an all-round system that will be best suited for your environment.

Air Purification Coating Treatment

Turn your aircon and interior spaces into an air purifier with our newly engineered air purification coating treatment that is guaranteed to keep your spaces clean and fresh.

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Brands We've worked with

Trustworthy, dependable and credible brands such as Daikin, Mistubishi and LG to bring you the best air-conditioning units and systems for a healthier, safer and energy-efficient environment.

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Aircon Maintenance

Providing sustainable servicing for long-term assurance.

Aircon Care

Ensuring that even the oldest of units will be durable with age.

Aircon Servicing

Diagnosing the best methods to provide you fresh breathing spaces.

Aircon Consultation

Our best consultants and advisors ensuring to meet all your needs.