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Aircon Purification Coating Treatment

Aircon Purification Coating Treatment

Turn Your Aircon Into An Air Purifier

With our advanced technologies, we specialise in being able to turn your air-conditioner into an air purifier in one hassle-free step.

We provide an air purification coating treatment suitable for your homes and living spaces to give you fresher air, safe for your children and comfortable for your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Farmosa Aircon Air Purification Coating

Farmosa Aircon Air Purification Coating is a durable coating that naturally purifies your indoor air by constantly generating negative ions. This Air Purification Coating is applied onto your aircon and wall, which will interact with the water in the air to create these natural air-purifying ions. These negatively charged air ions bond with the harmful airborne viruses, bacteria and dust, deactivating and removing them from the air.

What is Negative Ion?
  • Negative Ions are atoms that have gained one or more electrons.
  • Negative ions are odourless, colourless, and invisible molecules.
  • Negative ions are naturally found in abundance in places like mountains, waterfalls, and beaches.
Benefits of Negative Ion

The most important benefit of negative ions is that they clear the air of airborne allergens such as pollen, mould spores, bacteria, viruses and dust. Negative ions perform this function by attaching themselves to positively-charged particles in large numbers, deactivating these pathogens and render them ineffective.

 Subsequently as these positive charged particles/pathogens coagulate, they become too heavy to remain airborne and hence, deposit to the ground. They are thus prevented from entering your breathing passage, further preventing from making you sick.

Benefits of using the Air Purification Coating

Improve your health by breathing in clean air. Air purifying Coating helps to purify your air at home, and clears bacteria, virus, and dust from the air.

 It also helps to improve :

  • Blocked Nose, Sinus, and Asthma problems
  • Indoor Air Quality in your house
  • Eczema and Psoriasis

You will feel that the air is lighter, fresher, and will improve sleep quality.

What surfaces can the Air Purification Coating be Applied?

This Air Purifying Coating can be applied on :

  • Your air conditioner
  • Painted wall surfaces
  • Ceiling
We cannot see this Air Purification Coating, how can we tell that it is working, and how do we measure it?
  1. After applying the Air Purification Coating, it will take up to 24 hours for it to be fully cured.


  1. We measure the Air Purification Coating effectiveness by measuring the amount of negative ions it produces. We do this with Laboratory-grade Ion Count Meter. This Ion-Meter accurately measures the concentration of the Negative Ions in the air.


  1. Most indoors environment have low Negative Ion scores of about 300 – 500 (cm3/s). After applying the Air Purification Coating, the Negative Ion score will increase to 1000 (cm3/s) or more.


  1. The Air Purification Coating will last about 6 months. As such, we recommend you to do a fresh coating every 6 months to ensure optimum health for your family and loved ones.
How does the Air Purification Coating compare with the other Negative Ion devices?

An alternative to the Air Purification Coating is Electrical Ionizer Purifiers.

  • Electrical Ionizers uses electrical power to produce artificially emit Negative Ions (Corona Discharge), but it stops when you turn off the machine. It consumes energy constantly to function.
  • Many electrical Ionizers also emit Ozone as a by-product of Corona Discharge, which is a toxic gas harmful to the human health.
  • Air Purifying Coating works 24/7 naturally, and does not require any electrical energy nor produce any harmful ozone gas.
Disadvantage of using Electrical Ionizers?

Electrical Ionizers require you to change the filter periodically (typically 6 months to 1 year), which ranges from $30.00-$80.00 per replacement (depending on quality of HEPA Filter). You will also incur additional electricity charges on your bills to constantly operate the machine.

My house does not have aircon, can I still use the Antimicrobial Coating?

You can still use the Air Purification Coating in a home without any aircon. This is because the Air Purifying Coating is also coated on walls and ceilings. The movement of air caused by natural airflow or via your fan is sufficient to activate the coating to release the Negative Ions.

Can I Spray it on my Ceiling Fan Blade?

It is not necessary to do so, as it is better to spray on the ceiling above the fan as that helps to circulate and distribute the Negative Ions better.


Farmosa 空调空气净化涂层

Farmosa 空调空气净化涂层是一种既耐用又能通过不断产生负离子自然净化您的室内空气的涂层。这种空气净化涂层适用于您的空调和墙壁。涂层中的成分会与空气中的水分子相互作用,产生天然的空气净化负离子。产生出来的负离子会与空气中的有害病毒、细菌和灰尘结合,并从空气中去除。

  • 负离子是获得一个或多个电子的原子
  • 负离子是无味、无色和肉眼看不见的分子
  • 高山、瀑布、海滩等天然地区都存在大量的负离子






  • 鼻塞、鼻窦和哮喘问题
  • 您家中的室内空气质量
  • 湿疹和牛皮癣




  • 你的空调
  • 涂漆墙面
  • 天花板
  1. 涂上空气净化涂层后,最多需要 24 小时才能完全固化。


  1. 我们通过测量它产生的负离子数量来测量空气净化涂层的有效性。我们使用实验室级离子计数仪来做到这一点。该离子计可准确测量空气中负离子的浓度。


  1. 大多数室内环境的负离子分数较低,约为 300 – 500 (cm3/s)。涂上空气净化涂层后,负离子分数将增加到 1000 (cm3/s) 或更高。


  1. 空气净化涂层将持续约 6 个月。因此,我们建议您每 6 个月进行一次新涂层,以确保您的家人和亲人获得最佳健康。
  • 空气净化涂层的替代品是电离子净化器。
  • 电离器使用电力产生人为发射的负离子(电晕放电),但在您关闭机器时它会停止产生负离子。同时,它会不断消耗能量来运做。
  • 许多电离器还会排放臭氧作为电晕放电的副产品,这是一种对人体健康有害的有毒气体。
  • 空气净化涂层24/7 自然工作,不需要任何电能,也不会产生任何有害的臭氧气体。

电离器需要您定期更换过滤网(通常为 6 个月至 1 年),每次更换的费用从 30.00 美元到 80.00 美元不等(取决于 HEPA 过滤器的质量)。您还将在账单上产生额外的电费,以持续操作机器。





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