Aircon Chemical Wash


Aircon Chemical Wash

Easy Cleaning Even for the Toughest Units

Many matured air-conditioning units are prone to experience a large accumulation of dirt, grime and other tough materials that have been hardened over time, especially if the units and systems are not regularly maintained or serviced. Due to this accumulation, it would require an intense cleaning as compared to chemical cleanings and overhauls. This air-conditioning wash ensures that these materials that have been hardened onto various air-conditioning parts will be cleaned thoroughly and exhaustively.

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Aircon Chemical Wash

Unlike chemical repair of air-conditioners, air-conditioning units and systems are not completely disassembled for cleaning. The main body of the air-conditioner remains as it is, and only the core parts are removed and thoroughly cleaned, for example, front panels, covers, filters, and other detachable components that are part of the core. Compared with conventional chemical washing agents, the specialized chemical washing agents contain several special detergents to break down accumulated dust, facilitate cleaning, and improve air-conditioner performance.

However, chemical flushing of air-conditioners is not a completely reliable method of proper maintenance to ensure optimum functioning and durability of air-conditioners.

Replacements or repairs may be required to be looked at for a holistic overview of the quality of your air-conditioning unit and system. Chemical flushing of the air-conditioner also requires monthly maintenance as compared to chemical repairing of the air-conditioner that does not need to be done as often.

Chemical flushing of air-conditioners is also much cheaper but does not completely remove residual bacteria and mold that can form on the device components.

With the aforementioned information provided, it is best to consult with experts and consultants who can give you the best advice on what is best for your type of air-conditioner and the services you need to get quality service for optimum comfort for your home and office.

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