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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

aircon chemical wash

Aircon Chemical Overhaul

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Restore optimal performance to your air-conditioning units and systems by deep and thorough cleaning of your air-conditioning parts and mechanisms that are overdue for maintenance. This will restore clean and fresh air to your homes or offices, extend the lifespan of your air-conditioning unit and system, reduce your electricity bills, minimizing condensations and enhancing your unit’s cooling functions.

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Aircon Chemical Overhaul

What entails chemical air-conditioning repair is the complete disassembly of the individual parts of the air-conditioning unit and system, along with thorough cleaning, from the panels to the covers, air filters and chemical cleaning of the downpipes. Extensive checks of refrigerant levels will also allow us to ensure that the unit is replenished with refrigerant gas to the right amount for optimum functionality. Exhaustive evaluation whether electrical connections are safe and properly connected, with checks for any strange noises or odours during the operation of the air-conditioning unit will prevent further problems from arising till the next service or repairing session.

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